Punch & Judy Chelsea Pensioner

Children’s Entertainment

Entertaining children is a fine art!

It requires a person with skill, understanding and above all - experience.

Such a person is JOHN STYLES, a family man himself, John has an understanding of the modern youngster that is a joy to behold. He presents a fast moving and delightful entertainment full of laughter and surprises which he varies to suit all ages.

MAGIC with 'helpers' from the audience. At a birthday party it's usually the birthday child  (if they are willing to do so).

VENTRILOQUISM using 'Cheeky Boy' or bird puppets.

BALLOON MODELLING blowing and twisting balloons into a variety of models.

PAPER FOLDING a skill rarely seen today.

GLOVE PUPPETRY for the very young.

PUNCH & JUDY a full size puppet theatre featuring all the funny characters from this great favourite.

Excerpts of John's skills have been featured in many children's (and adult) television programmes and films and as you will see from this brief resume, John is a man of many talents.

With years of experience he is as much at home entertaining small family gatherings as he is with considerably larger audiences.

"Thank you for your marvellous entertainment. It was really superb. We never have had - and are never likely to have anyone half as good as you - the children really do love you”.

 The Guildhall. City of London

"Styles has a very light touch: the jokes, magic and balloon modelling all flow effortlessly with true professionalism. It's the art that conceals art!”


"Thank you for such a splendid magic and Punch & Judy show - you had all the children completely enthralled. Many mothers have commented how much their children enjoyed it. Thank you again for quite the best children's entertainment I've seen".

                                         Private party

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