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The Magical Mart was founded in 1949 by Oscar Oswald.

Originally supplying the profession with new and second hand magic tricks and equipment, ventriloquist's dummies, Punch & Judy booths and puppets, appropriate books and magazines.

Oscar Oswald published "The Magical Digest" - an independent monthly magazine giving publicity and information of interest to all devotees of the magic art. It was published monthly and as well as news and reports of current magical events, carried features on all of the above-mentioned allied arts. It ran until 1960 and because of its wide range of coverage has proved to be of theatrical and historical value; consequently today copies are much sought after.

As a youngster John Styles worked for Oscar Oswald gaining knowledge and experience - meeting the famous performers of the day and hearing their stories and witnessing their skills. Oscar Oswald was a fine exponent of Punch & Judy and it was he who tutored John in this ancient art.

When Oscar passed away the Magical Mart was acquired by the Styles family who have managed it for over 40 years - continuing a tradition and now offering over 60 years experience and knowledge to their customers.

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